Krishna Sales Corporation started operating in the year 1976. Today the company employs a workforce of over 700 employees with a sales figure of 6.2 million USD. We offer our products to clients in various countries including U.K, U.S.A, Singapore, Taiwan, U.A.E, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Russia etc.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Hathras, with 4 units spread across an area of 20000 sq mt and a production capacity of 100 k sq mt per month.

Our product catalogue includes bath mats, rugs, carpets, cushions and puffs.

Handloom, Four Needle, Single Needle, Multi Needle, Latex and Dye techniques are produced in-house.

We also have a dedicated in-house design team that produces designs corresponding to the latest trends in the market in terms of motifs, patterns, colors, fabrics and textures. Our support team works under excellent guidelines and is trained to provide solutions for all our client’s requirements. As a corporation, our production process enables our clients to procure the best quality from one point of contact.