Rugs are tribute to ingenuity and creativity of the colonial and pioneer spirit that yearned for beauty even in the inhospitable surrounding. Whether you are looking for a blast from the past with a retro 70′s look or a luxurious top-of-the-line rug for your room, you will find and assortment of colors, shapes and styles that will stuff your every need.

Name it, we have it. Weather you are looking for cotton yarns in varied weaves or jute, hemp, acrylic, leather, rayon and cotton chenille, you will find it at Krishna. Our in-house manufacturing set up helps us modify each product to any requirement, be it price or design.

When it come to room rugs, our range is unsurpassable. You can choose from some very chunky and soft chenille rugs, either in flat weaver with a nice shaggy look, or a whole array of some macho rugs crafted from the finest leather. On the other hand, if you are looking for something ethnic you can opt for our range or rayon cut shuttle, hemp or a blend of leather and rayon. We also manufacture rugs with exquisite hand embroidery, compute embroidery and applique.